And So It Begins… July 2, 2009

Hello bitches.  I see you’ve found the site.  Well, la de da.  You were probably all…Where am I?  How did I get here?  What is the Quest for Ultimate Rippedness?  Well, grandpa, before you soil yourself from the magnetic rays of awesomeness emanating from your monitor, I’ll tell you about The Quest.

No, this isn’t some lame quest like solving world hunger or finding the holy grail.  This quest is about bodily rippedness and the attainment of such.  The Quest is simple.  It can be broken down into 3 phases:

  • Phase I – Achieve body fat < 8%
  • Phase II – Mass
  • Phase III – Bask in the reflective glory of my greatness

Once that is acheived, I will pretty much be unstoppable.  So much so, that people will be like, no way, that dude acheived ultimate rippedness and I’ll walk by pretending not to hear them, but they’ll see the glint in my eye and realize that I heard them, but I cannot acknowledge their existence which they’ll totally understand.

So I’m going to be ripped, what of it?  Well, since you found this site, you get the honor of following my progress and hearing my mega-awesome thoughts about stuff…

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